I Didn’t Expect THAT: No Body Odor

Okay, this one was just weird. File this under “not all cancer treatment side effects are bad.”

How shall I put this? After I finished chemo, I noticed that I didn’t smell. At all. No armpit odor, no sweaty crotch odor, nothing. I asked my husband to check; he concurred.

“You smell like…skin,” was the best description he could muster. Once again, I took to the Internet, that repository of information about anything and everything. Except that I found nothing.

Eventually, I came across a forum where women were discussing bad smells associated with their tumors. Again, not what I was looking for. But nestled within all those posts was a single comment by someone that she had lost all her body odor for about two and a half years. Finally! Someone else experiencing the same cool weirdness.

I don’t even need deodorant, but why not smell fruity?

So this probably won’t last forever, but for now, I can get away with all-natural deodorants and not worry that they won’t have staying power. To be clear, I sweat, I just don’t smell like it. My teenage daughter is jealous. My teenage son, of course, couldn’t care less, although I really wish he would. The smell of testosterone is strong with that one.

Regardless, this is one side effect that I’m going to enjoy as long as I can.

Author: franticshanti

Why so serious?

8 thoughts on “I Didn’t Expect THAT: No Body Odor”

  1. I’m saving on deodorant. Have been on chemo drugs for prostate cancer. One of the drugs lowers my testosterone. Lost most my hair everywhere except my head. Only shave twice a week at best. Wonder what gives!?

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    1. Thanks for your comment! It’s weird, isn’t it? Chemo definitely does something to your body odor but I haven’t been able to find a good explanation of why that happens. And while hair loss would be expected with chemo, interesting that you still have hair on your head. Hormones control a lot of processes and it’s interesting what happens when they’re suppressed. Wishing you the best with your treatment!


  2. I finished chemotherapy at the end of April this year and have not had any body odor since… I used to have quite a bit! I am a big hot yoga fan and I am definitely sweating as usual but no body odor! So strange and I haven’t found much about it other than your post. Glad to find it!

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    1. Thanks so much for writing! It’s so interesting to hear others’ experiences about this. I’m sure we’re not the only ones so I wonder why no one talks about this more? Thanks again for your comment! 💕


  3. I came to the internet to research this very thing, as I too have noticed that I have zero body odor after chemo!! I only found your post too 😊. I concur, it’s a super cool side effect, when we think of everything else we have to deal with! Thanks for your post!

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    1. You’re so welcome! It’s so interesting that many of us are having the same experience, but when I asked my medical oncologist about it, he said he hasn’t had anyone else tell him this. My radiation had, however. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! ❤️


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